About Community Development Halton

Our Mission

Through research, community development, planning and promoting volunteerism, Community Development Halton strives to improve the quality of life for all residents of Halton.

The primary purpose of CDH is to build and strengthen the community of Halton. It focuses on the social impact of larger social, economic, political and cultural forces on individuals, families and the broad community. CDH is committed to social development as a desired state of community well-being and social change as a continual process towards achieving and sustaining social development for everyone in the community. CDH shall endeavour to accomplish this purpose by:

CDH values: community, volunteerism, diversity, equity and social justice. The principles underlying our work are: independence, community accountability, knowledge-based action, citizen participation, inclusiveness and empowerment.

Community Development Halton is a registered charitable organization.
Charitable Registration Number: 107462525RR0001