Community Development Halton ("CDH") is a nonprofit charitable organization that provides a range of services and programs in two program areas: social planning and a volunteer centre, in the Regional Municipality of Halton.

It has a volunteer Board of Directors (the "Board"). Directors are elected at the Annual Meeting of CDH that is typically held in September of each year and members serve a 3-year term ending at the Annual Meeting of the third year following election. Directors may serve a maximum of three consecutive three year terms. Directors can also be appointed by the Board to serve for a period between annual meetings but must be elected at the next Annual Meeting if they are to serve beyond the Annual General Meeting. The Board of Directors meets monthly, on the first Monday of the month, except in July and August. Ad hoc committee meetings would be in addition to this. The time commitment of a Director of CDH is approximately 60-70 hours per year.

Social Planning program provides information helping a community take stock, to appraise its integral strengths and weaknesses, and to rationally and efficiently determine what adjustments should be made to meet the situation.

Volunteer Halton program serves the entire Halton Region as an advocate and catalyst for volunteerism; providing leadership and support for volunteer efforts to build the capacity of the community.

CDH Directors, therefore, must be prepared to contribute to the community in a somewhat abstract and indirect way, since we are not a service delivery organization. A Director must be comfortable in an environment that addresses the importance of building a strong civic foundation of care and support in our community.

Directors will provide leadership and are expected to do the necessary preparation before meetings and to participate actively in meetings and related subcommittees.

Your duties and responsibilities as a Director of the Board include:

  1. As a Member of CDH Board you subscribe to the Mission Statement of CDH and agree to further the Mission of CDH.
  2. Directors agree to comply with the by-laws and policies of CDH.
  3. As a CDH Board member, you will function within the governing policies established by the Board. CDH operates under a Policy Governance model.
  4. Directors have a fiduciary responsibility to act in the best interests of CDH. If you have any conflict of interest with the interests of CDH, you must declare such interest and refrain from voting on any resolution or taking any action that would bear on such interest.
  5. As a CDH Board member, you will attend regular and special meetings of the Board and participate in and vote at those meetings. Per the by-laws, being absent for three consecutive meetings means automatic forfeiture of your seat on the Board. If you cannot attend a Board meeting, you must notify the Chair in advance to assist the Chair in determining whether a quorum exists.
  6. Directors will attend the annual orientation meeting of the Board for new members (usually held in September of each year).
  7. Directors will attend the Annual General Meeting of CDH each year.
  8. As a CDH Board member, you are expected to volunteer for, and participate on, any subcommittees of the Board that may be determined by the Board to handle special issues.
  9. Directors may be appointed or elected as an officer of CDH, in which case you will fulfill the duties of the office to which you are appointed or elected. The officers of the CDH Board include President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
  10. Directors may be called upon to represent the Board at meetings with funding organizations, government bodies, partner organizations or community events within Halton.
  11. As a CDH Board member, you will become a paid Member of CDH and maintain membership during your term as a Director. CDH Board membership fees are $25.00 per year
  12. Directors are encouraged, but not required, to also make an annual charitable donation to CDH.

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