• New Community Lens

    Using 2016 Census data, this Community Lens examines household income in Halton.

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  • Report: Living Wage for Halton 2016

    This report documents the process and data used in the updating of a living wage for Halton Region for 2016.

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  • Community Hubs in Halton

    This background document, Community Hubs in Halton, provides the basis of a full discussion on hubs.

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  • New Community Dispatch

    As the Government of Ontario evaluates a Basic Income Pilot, we thought it useful to share a set of principles developed by the Social Planning Network of Ontario against which it should be appraised.

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  • Want to Volunteer?

    Perhaps you would like to make new contacts, learn skills, gain work experience, build self-esteem, or look for personal development.

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  • Social Planning

    The Social Planning Program at Community Development Halton undertakes a wide range of activities and research to help Halton identify its strengths and weaknesses and determine ways to improve the quality…

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Community Development Halton is a nonprofit agency in Halton Region, Ontario, Canada, committed to social development for all members of our community. We have two distinct programs:

Social Planning


Social Planning helps communities identify strengths and weaknesses and determine ways to improve the quality of life in the community. [Read More]

Volunteer Halton


Volunteer Halton supports non-profit agencies with training, consulting and the promotion of volunteerism.[Read More]